Monday, April 14, 2008

Urban Scout’s Rewilding Survey

1. Have you or would you ever eat roadkill?

I haven't but if it was fresh and not too smooshed and I had tools and help I'd consider it.

2. Have you ever slept with another person-who-rewilds, or do you find it impossible to find anyone-else-who-rewilds?

The closest would have been when I dated my friend Dean many years ago, he is a wild plant lore expert along the lines of Penny Scout.

3. What do you like most about rewilding?

It frees the soul and enlivens the spirit.

4. What rewilding books, authors or movies do you like best?

Urban Scout's blog (of course), God Is Red by Vine Deloria, The Primal Mind by Jamake Hightower, The Healing Wisdom of Africa by Malidoma Some, I consider DUNE as a book to have strong rewilding affinities, it was the first exposure I had to the idea of "becoming indigenous" and having a sense of "place" at the tender age of 15; There is a current running through Starhawk's books that points towards a rewilding ethic in my opinion; any good field guide.

5. How long does it take for you to get a bow-drill coal?

Ack this is a project I haven't worked on yet.

6. Have you ever ended a relationship due to your parters love of civilization?

Gosh when was the last time I was in a relationship...

7. What wild foods do you favor most?

Whitewing dove breasts (cooked in red wine and lots and lots and lots (repeat many times) of garlic and some herbs.)
Wild turkey.
Catfish like my mom used to make (though she breaded them in cornmeal).
Dove eggs.
Wild onions.
Turkscap flowers and fruits.
Psilocybin mushrooms! *duh*

8. Does the apocalypse invade your dreams? If so, do you consider them nightmares or nocturnal emissions?

Not often but I do have a poem that was partly inspired by such a dream.

9. What do your parents think about all this “rewilding” garbage?

Hmm. They don't really know yet but I grew up with hunters so it isn't such a departure I don't think.

10. Ever had a stranger over hear an anti-civ conversation and blissfully join in?

Hmm haven't had any local conversations really need to change that.

11. What will you miss most about civilization?

The Internet.

12. Which friends will escape with you to the wilds when the shit goes down?

My Faery Trad accomplices and various hippies and rockers and witches.

13. What specialty makes you an asset to a band of post-apocalyptic warriors?

Community ritual. Astronomy. Herbal medical knowledge. First aid training.

14. How long do you predict we have until the full on collapse?

Hmm good queston.

15. Do you feel ready?

No one is ever really ready for an abrupt change of circumstances, it is in such events that true character is revealed and established.

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