Monday, October 13, 2008

Future Picatrix Plans

So.. here's the direction my Picatrix work is going to take from here... I originally started translating from the Bakhouche French translation from the Latin -- and started on Books 3 and 4 -- because an English translation of the work hadn't been completed and available to the public yet, and I wanted the invocations and practical instructions in English for myself. Now that Chris and John have completed their very usable pre-published edition of Books 1 and 2 I'm not likely to work on that at all. It is so good that I am just going to recommend people try to get a copy of that or wait until the whole shebang is done in a year or so.

My work on Books 3 and 4 is going to be contingent on my own practical needs over any desire to just have the whole thing in my hands in English, since I do read French rather decently in itself. I'll have a Latin facsimile manuscript version in my hands soon as well. I rather like the idea of doing invocations in Latin and may transcribe those as is.

My focus is going to shift more towards reference material based on Picatrix with a mind to practical use, as well as original artwork inspired by Picatrix for use in talismanic work and examples of actual talismans. 

I'm no Nigel Jackson mind you, but there is no one right to be a talismanic artist, the important thing is for the image to have affinity to the planet or star or constellation or mansion in question according to our traditional sources. 

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