Monday, October 6, 2008

A Spirit Experience

Compared to some of my colleagues I suppose I don't really write much these days about the experiences I have with spirits so I'll go ahead and share something from yesterday. Some months way back when I first encountered Frater RO and Jake on Ritual Magic and Solomonic I started looking into the Lemegeton. One of my personal passions is primitivism and Rewilding and have an interest in Tracking (as in Tom Brown) and as I was reading through the descriptions of the spirits, one of them who looked like they would make an awesome ally was Caym/Camio:

(From Pseudomonarchia) "Caim is a great president, taking the forme of a thrush, but when he putteth on man's shape, he answereth in burning ashes, carrieng in his hand a most sharpe swoord, he maketh the best disputers, he giveth men the understanding of all birds, of the lowing of bullocks, and barking of dogs, and also of the sound and noise of waters, he answereth best of things to come, he was of the order of angels, and ruleth thirtie legions of divels."

I think about this spirit quite often as I study.

So... yesterday I was outside at the Spider House coffeeshop in the back patio and started thinking about Camio, and was reading his description and sigil on the web via my iPhone and a grackle hen hopped onto the nearby table and started to talk to me. Of course the obvious message was give me food but still.. I started to draw Camio's sigil in my notebook and as soon as put pen to paper a wind suddenly rose up and blew through the patio. Someone was saying Hi. (And to anyone that would say it was "coincidence" well that is precisely the point!)

So -- Camio is definitely paying attention to me. Not quite at the point yet of formally evoking him though, but he seems like he would be a potent ally in my Tracking and Rewilding endeavors and I am still interested in contact, as well as Barbatos if they are friendly to each other:

"Barbatos, a great countie or earle, and also a duke, he appeareth in Signo sagittarii sylvestris, with foure kings, which bring companies and great troopes. He understandeth the singing of birds, the barking of dogs, the lowings of bullocks, and the voice of all living creatures. He detecteth treasures hidden by magicians and inchanters, and is of the order of vertues, which in part beare rule: he knoweth all things past, and to come, and reconcileth freends and powers; and governeth thirtie legions of divels by his authoritie."

It should be fairly obvious but Tracking is in fact a divinatory skill in which the Tracker is aware of "all things past, and to come" by the marks left in passing in the environment, that can be taken on many levels, and I strongly believe there is a relationship between Tracking and Astrology as well. As below so above, astronomy and astrology are the tracking of celestial bodies as the Man of Earth tracks humans, animals, the weather, etc. by their impressions and spoor.

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Rufus Opus said...

Hey Mike! Good to see you're blogging again. Every time I've seen Caim or Barbatos, I've thought, gee that would be neat, but I never have had any real reason to apply these guys in my life. I think you've got an excellent use for them though.

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