Saturday, February 7, 2009

Life is hypertextually interconnected!

So my buddy Frank posted a link on Facebook to the "Star Wars a capella" video by Corey Vidal posted to Facebook by a Matteo Andrei in Italy.

I find out on the page that it was made by Corey Vidal who I Google and find his home page.

Then his Youtube page. Poking around I see mentions here and there of the audio being originally by a "moosebutter" bunch of folks.


Then I pick up the kazoo I bought last night at Toy Joy that is on my desk and try to figure out what to do with it to get it to make noise. I know you put it in your mouth somehow and hum but it wasn't working.


I Google "kazoo tutorial" - the results were lame and unhelpful so BACK TO YOUTUBE.

I searched Youtube and found this awesome kazoo tutorial by MisterTim.

And it worked!

but that's not the end.

I go to his profile page and go to HIS homepage. And on the About page discover he is the "force" (ahem) behind fucking MOOSEBUTTER group who made the STAR WARS A CAPELLA SONG that as lip synced by Corey Hottie Vital.

Now how cool is all that?


Corey Vidal said...

Very cool indeed.
Glad you like my video!

Mike Rock said...

Hey Corey! Thanks for stopping by, I think you qualify as my first "celebrity" commenter! ^_^

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