Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kraut Success

The kraut is salty but tasty -- I used this fancy pink salt so that means lots of microminerals anyway.

Due to the aforementioned phobia I left it in the fridge for over a week after it sat on the counter for nearly that long in its crock without touching it.

I'm still alive and healthy (knock wood) so.. so far so good.

It is supposed be really healing for your stomach lining (like Lunar foods tend to be) so nom nom nom.

The Ginger slivers I had in it give a nice warmth too.



Michelle said...

Have you ever tried the himilayan sea salt from ?

They also have a Himala Salt Zen cube that, when grated over steamed veggies, or edamame, is SO tasty!

Curious Curandera said...

Wishing you a Happy Easter!

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