Tuesday, July 28, 2009

16th Mansion talisman

Yesterday I did a ritual for the 16th mansion of the moon, Al-Zubana, for success in the marketplace. This was the election:

Mansion #16 to increase earnings and sales
Picatrix Bk. IV, Ch. 9

PLACE: Austin Tx
DATE: July 27, 2009
TIME RANGE: 12:20 - 13:20 CDT
CONDITIONS: Moon rising, in the mansion, unafflicted, waxing

I actually could not use the whole time frame because my lunch hour did not go that long, but I drew the talisman on brown sack paper and anointed with Money Drawing oil from Lucky Mojo, and used the ritual from Chris Warnock's Mansions of the Moon book available at RenaissanceAstrology.com, I used some amber stick incense before the ritual, and during burned Lunar incense (my own based on Picatrix) and Money Drawing Incense from Lucky Mojo.

What I've learned is that I need to create/promote more channels for this type of prosperity to manifest, as before the day was out I did make an unexpected sale.. but it was a 7 Linden $ sale of a non-scripted object in Second Life! The instructions in Picatrix do say that this should be set to soak in the starlight for 7 days, so I have it in the window right now to gain its fullest influence.

$HAMELE$$ PLUG: Go buy a T-Shirt or download a song or purchase furnishings in Second Life .

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Interesting work! Is it working?

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