Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rule #1: Don't Disrespect Your Website Visitors! Music Autoplay is Evil!

You would think that by now, almost 15 years after the advent of Netscape and the burgeoning golden age of bad web design that ensued for about oh 5 years, that everyone would be on the same page by now in the 21st Century as far as what is just wrong and offensive but egadz here in 2009 some long established groups with websites still need to be reminded that the whole point of a website is to attract visitors and not drive them away screaming in abject dismay and horror.. Great Apollon, like we don't all have iTunes and are probably already listening to what *we* want to listen to.. how dare a site designer usurp my choices in that way by imposing some kind of horrible tacky noise on my eardrums ninja style to unsuspecting people clicking a harmless looking link to see what is up. When I encounter this (other than a band site where you expect it and can plan your volume level or you clearly see a player to turn it off) I simply leave a site and never go back. OutYouth.org who I used to have respect for I am sad to say is one of those sites.. and I let them know how I feel:

Hi there,

I visited your site recently to check out information about your current programs and was aurally assaulted by loud brassy automatic noise that was not clearly indicated as to how to turn off without cutting the sound on my entire computer. Auto-playing music on a home page is an offensive disruption to website visitors and is extremely rude. I am disinclined to donate to your organization at this time over this lack of good judgement, courtesy, and taste. In what other areas might poor judgement be exercised? Please consider that people may be visiting from a workplace or school or library and the music itself is loud and in bad taste. This type of feature impairs accessibility to the visually impaired also. And it is just rude and discourteous to treat visitors this way.

For details on how horribly bad this is please see:


Please change this ASAP for the sake of visitors to load quietly, with a clearly labeled button to turn on music if one is so inclined to listen.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Mike Rock
Austin Tx


Lavanah said...

:-) and that, dear sir, is why the default setting for sound on my computer is OFF.

Susanne Iles said...


Rufus Opus said...

Man, if this is the worst thing you had to deal with today, you've got it GOOD!

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